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Monday, December 21, 2009

Ronnie! Hi, Ronnie Ricketts!

Mr. Ronnie Ricketts..in the world of showbiz, Mr. Ronnie Ricketts is a well-known action star. Aside from that talent, he is also known as a good person and a good family man. I was watching an episode of Spoon one day, the one hosted by Ms. Janice De Belen, and their guest for the day was Mr. Ronnie Ricketts and his beautiful wife Mariz. The episode went really well as usual like in every episode of Spoon. They shared wonderful stories and reminisced about their yesteryears. As I was watching the episode, I got reminded of a funny yet very pleasant memory I have with Mr. Ronnie Ricketts.
Back in the 80's when I was still young, I used to take ballet lessons in Halili Cruz in Quezon Ave. Afterwards, I will go to attend my Kumon in a building in West Ave. When my mom and I got off the jeep, she started waving her hand to someone across the street. Right infront of the building where I used to take Kumon classes is a car repairshop. Due to my curiosity, I looked back and started figuring out who my mom was waving at to. Seeing who he was, I told my mom "Ma,ano ka ba?!" I was like telling myself, Mr. Ronnie Ricketts would never waste his time to wave his hand to us. As I stood there for minutes, I watched him finish things up with a mechanic and my mom still continuously waving her hand to him. Then, he went inside his Pajero and shut the door. I was like, to my self, "He'll never be that rude, would he?" But then the window of his car rolled down, he stretched his neck out of the window, smiled very warmly and waved his hand to my mom as if he was saying that he knew she was waving her hand all along. That really touched my heart.
As I was watching that episode of Spoon, what they say about Mr. Ronnie Ricketts being a good guy and all and what behavior he showed during the show solidified in me that he indeed is a good person. I'm so glad to have that memory of him. He made it clear to me that even if a person is famous and indeed a big star, there will always be a big possibility that he is still grounded and humble. =]

link: Once Upon A Time movie with Ms. Janice De Belen


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